When I joined SingleCare in June 2019, the company was in the middle of a rebrand. The existing mobile app was outdated which was a disappointing experience for many customers. SingleCare was ready to revamp their apps to provide a better user experience.

Some customers also perceived our service as unreliable, so we knew we needed to provide our customers with a more robust presence.

The executive team tasked me with building out an Android and an iOS app that could rival the legacy iOS and Android applications, serve as a way for us to mature our design language, and give us freedom to explore new concepts for our new loyalty program.

We read app store feedback and gathered insights from internal stakeholders.

We conducted interviews with executives, customer service, engineering, and product teams to better understand why we were building it, who it was for, and what types of features they thought our customers needed.

We set a challenge to create a best-in-class web application that builds trust and confidence for our customers. We identified our core customers, mapped out user journeys, and brainstormed ideas on what our customers would want and need.

We then crafted a roadmap full of features that had the highest potential impact with the lowest lift on engineering and design.